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International Hobbies

Welcome to the International Hobbies web site!

Your source for American, British and Australian model railroad ready to run locomotives, rolling stock and kits in OO/HO, N, O and 16mm scale. We also stock a huge range of O scale figures, detail parts and kits plus Carr's solder, flux, other soldering supplies and Wild Swan books.

Buffalo Landing West Side Plymouth kit with Black Beetle. Available in On3 or On30 $219.50

Buffalo Landing Plymouth (generic/standard version) kit w/Black Beetle chassis; On3 or On30 $189.50


Buffalo Landing Plymouth 0-4-0 kits (West Side Lumber Co. and generic or standard Plymouths-the two models in the background). These excellent kits  include the Black Beetle RTR power chassis with 27:1 gear ratio for good low speed performance and smooth running. The West Side version is in the forground. The kit price is $219.50 in either On30 or On3. The generic/standard Plymouths can be built with either the "A" or "B" cab. Also available in either On30 or On3. Price $189.50

Buffalo Landing Milwaukee 0-4-0 with Black Beetle drive $179.50.

AMS/Accucraft D&RGW 0-4-0 #50, ready to run brass, painted. Back in stock! On30/On3. $375.50

AMS/Accucraft Plymouth 0-4-0 industrial locomotive, RTR brass, painted, In stock! On3/On30. $375.50.

The D&RGW 0-4-0 diesel #50 by AMS/Accucraft in On3 and On30 is still available. The Plymouth 0-4-0 diesel in On3 and On30 is now back in stock at $375.50. New is the original Sumpter Valley 0-4-0 diesel #101 (gray livery) in On3 and On30 at $375.50.

Black Beetle and Black Bug RTR power trucks:
The Black Beetle powers our GE diesel and can be used to power a wide variety of models from streetcars and small internal combustion locomotives to "critters". They use Mashima can motors and are available in different  gauges, wheelbases and wheel sizes (both disc and spoke). Wheelbases range from 25.5 mm to 40.0 mm in .25 mm increments. Wheels range from 9.6 mm to 14 mm in several different sizes and disc or spoke patterns.  Track gauges include HO/On30, On3, S and O. Black Beetles with 15:1 gear ratios are $89.95 and with 27:1 gear ratios $119.95. Due to the multiple combinations of wheelbase, gauge and wheels most must be special ordered which takes 2-3 weeks. Call or e-mail for additional information.

Black Beetle power truck with disc wheels, HO/On30

Black Beetle power truck with spoke wheels for HO/On30

Black Bug single axle power unit (supplied with wheels) w/27:1 gear ratio $89.95, w/15:1 $69.95

NSWGR AD60 class Beyer-Garrett. HO scale RTR with or without DCC and sound

The spectacular HO scale Australian NSWR AD60 class    4-8-4+4-8-4 Beyer Garratt is now back in stock! This massive locomotive is available with conventional DC operation (DCC ready) or with DCC and QSI sound installed. It is available in black, black with red lining and black with red and cream lining . Factory weathering is also available. The 5 car HUB passenger car set is now in stock along with the new cattle, sheep and open wagons. See the Australian models page for details.
Now sold out is the new Hornby LNER P2 class 2-8-2 as it appeared in the 1930s. It is still available with the new Hornby TTS sound (due December). The new Bachmann Robinson J11 class 0-6-0 is now in stock in LNER and BR livery. It is DCC ready. We have a few left in stock. The new Hornby Star class 4-6-0 (in BR livery, GWR version is sold out) is now in stock with the retooled Bachmann class 40 diesels.The SE&C Railway C class 0-6-0 is now available in SECR, SR and BR livery. The SECR lined green livery is outstanding.

Don't forget the BR A4 4-6-2 "Dwight D. Eisenhower". The GWR "City" class 4-4-0 "City of London" is still available. The Hornby O1 class 2-8-0 in BR and LNER livery is an outstanding model that has never been done before. 

The Hornby LNER/BR B1 class is also in stock. It is an exceptional model and is DCC ready. Other recent arrivals are the Hornby LMS/BR 4Fclass 0-6-0, the Bachmann 3F class 0-6-0, 2P class 4-4-0, D11 class 4-4-0  and 7F class 2-8-0 in both BR and SDJR blue livery.

Hornby coaches (including the Hornby Pullman Devon Belle observation car, bar car and 6 wheel truck cars ) are still available. Back in stock is the LNER teak sleeper.  Also new are the LNER surburban non corridor teak coaches in a brake 3rd, composite, 1st class and 3rd class. They are outstanding coaches with full interior and underframe detail.

31-463 SE&CR class C 0-6-0. DCC ready $179.50

R3246TTS LNER P2 class 2-8-2 "Cock O The North", fitted with TTS digital sound. Due Feb.

31-431 BR 1F class 0-6-0T, black livery, early crest, DCC ready $135.50
31-464 SR (and BR) class C 0-6-0 black w/ green lining, DCC ready $179.50
31-727 GWR 4-4-0, "City of London" DCC ready. $189.50

31-087DC 3200 class (Earl) 4-4-0, DCC on board. Also available in BR livery. S/O

31-086 BR Earl class 4-4-0, DCC ready, early crest. S/O
R3167 BR 4061 Star class 4-6-0, lined green, early crest, DCC ready. $189.50

R2998 LNER B1 4-6-0, black livey, DCC ready. $169.50

31-375 BR class 416 EMU, two car, blue, DCC ready $159.50
31-135 BR D11/2 4-4-0 "Lady of the Lake" early crest, DCC ready. $169.50

BR/S&D 7F class 2-8-0, New model DCC ready, Both early and late crest. $169.50

LNER/BR (early or late crest) Robinson 04 class 2-8-0, DCC ready $169.50.

20-2012 S&DJR 7F class 2-8-0, blue livery, commemorative edition, $209.50
Please get in touch to order a catalog or products, obtain product introduction information or just ask a question.

You can e-mail us at: interhob@gmail.com