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International Hobbies


International Hobbies stocks a number of books published by Wild Swan, Signature Press and others. The Wild Swan books are primarily directed at modeling and  prototype subjects. They are excellent references for building models, soldering, painting, weathering, layout design, scenic techniques and much more. (under construction)

New books in stock and old favorites!

Modelling Trees-Broadleaf, Volume I ; by Gordon Gravett: An outstanding book on modeling oaks, elms, willows and other broadleaf trees. If you want outstanding trees on your layout or diorama this is your guide. Hundresds of color photos illustrating the processes used and the outstanding results. Softcover. $48.50

Modelling Trees-Conifers, Volume II ; by Gordon Gravett: The companion book to volume I that covers modeling pines, spruce, larch, redwoods plus details like log piles and other features. Hundresds of color photos illustrating the processes used and the outstanding results. Softcover. $52.50

Modelling Grassland and Landscape Detailing-Volume III; Gordon Gravett: The companion book to volume I and II. Details how to prepare the scenery base, create realistic looking grass, weeds and flowers, hedges, roads and pavement, plus mud, puddles and rivers. Hundresds of color photos illustrating the processes used and the outstanding results. Softcover. $56.50

Creating Model Buildings in HO and O Scale;  by Geoff Taylor: Detailed techniques for building brick and stone buildings in HO and O scale with an incredible level of detail and realism. There are many pictures of completed models, as well as construction pictures for both scales. These are supplimented by text explaining the techniques used. Painting methods and how to paint embossed sheet brick and stone are shown and explained. Also, hand carved stonework, using a scriber and the application of modeling clay are shown, along with rendered wall finishes. The book is also ideal for modelers who haven't made any buildings in plastic before and want to know where to start. Hundreds of photos, most in color. Softcover. $49.50

Locomotive Modelling from Scratch and Etched Kits, Part One; By Geoff Holt:The first volume of this work covers research, preperation, tools and materials, working with sheet metal, preperation of drawings and transfer of scales. The author builds two versions of the same locomotive, one from a kit and the other from scratch. Book one covers building the frame, wheels, springing, compensation, rods valve gear. Also covered are soldering techniques and fabrication. There are drawings and many photos to assist the reader. This book is a must for the beginner and will provide many techniques and approaches for the more experienced builder. The chosen engine is an GCR 4-6-0. Softcover. $54.50

Locomotive Modelling from Scratch and Etched Kits, Part Two; By Geoff Holt: This volume picks up from where part one ends and covers building the boiler, cabs and superstructure, tender and everything else. It also includes power pick up and DCC, decoder installation, testing, preperation for painting and how to paint your model and reassembly. Softcover. $56.50

Painting and Lining, a Modelers Handbook; By Ian Rathbone: This book is a comprehensive guide to painting, lining, lettering and numbering locomotives, coaches, freight cars, including ready to run. The book covers all the basics including preperation, primers and spraying techniques. Lining is covered in detail as is the application of decals, number and name plates as well as correcting errors. Finishing is also discussed. Hundreds of photos, nearly all in color illustrating clear examples of how to do it. Softcover. $48.50

The Art of Weathering
; By Martyn Welch: An excellent guide to weathering with many sharp photos of the prototypes amd models to illustrate the techniques described. Covers materials and equipment including airbrushing. There are sections on steam locomotives, diesels, passenger and freight rolling stock and buildings. This is an excellent guide for everyone who builds models and would like them to appear realistic. Your ready to run models will also benefit the techniques described. Includes many color photos. Softcover. $39.50

Etched Loco Construction; By Ian Rice: This book is an invaluable guide for anyone building an etched brass locomotive kit. The book takes the reader through the construction sequence and the how to of assembly and improvements to the kit. The result is a very clear approach to kit building from start to finish with many photos to guide the reader and clarify the steps involved. The examples are British OO/HO scale but the techniques are applicable to any etched brass kit and O scale as well. Very readable in the Rice style. Softcover. $33.50

Whitemetal Locos, a Kitbuilders Guide; by Ian Rice: This book explains the process of building a whitemetal locomotive kit from the preperation and refinement of the castings, assembly techniques, correction of problems, to detailing and final painting and finishing. It is a step by step guide with many photos to illustrate the methods described. The techniques of whitemetal soldering are also axplained in detail. Very readable in the Rice style. Softcover. $29.50

Narrow Gauge Adventure, a Model Making Journey; by Peter Kazer: This book covers 40 years of model making by Peter Kazer from his initial intrest in narrow gauge railways to his exceptional models and layouts of Welsh and British narrow gauge. Both his models and layouts are discussed and compared to the prototypes with copious photographs of both. Peter is a great story teller and this is a most entertaining volume. The many photos of his models (most in color) and the prototype narrow gauge are a vsual treat. Softcover, 162 pages. $56.50