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Carr's solder, flux and other kit building supplies

On this page we list most of the Carr's soldering products including solder and flux for brass, copper, nickel silver, white metal, steel and other metals plus different surface preparation and clean up products. There are many other useful items including the Carr's soldering handbook. All references to tempature are in centigrade.

C1000 221 degree lead free solder; tin/silver alloy containing no lead. The silver aides the wetting and flow qualities of this solder. $12.95
C1001 70 degree solder; low melt solder for assembly of white metal castings $12.95
C1002 145 degree solder; tin/bismuth solder normally used for detailing $14.95
C1003 179 degree solder; mid heat range for aluminum and zamak alloys $12.95
C1005 224 degree solder; general purpose solder, works well with brass and is useful for filling gaps. $12.95
C1004 188 degree solder; strip solder for sheet and close fitting joints $12.95
C1006 243 degree strip solder; this solder has a high melting range (235-243 C) and is useful when other soldering is done nearby $12.95
C1007 Speedy Solder; useful in electronics applications. It has a high temperature resin core and flows readily $12.95
C1013 Zinc rich solder for diecast metals. Temperature range is from 198 to 215 degrees. $14.95
C1040 solder paint; 188 degree (liquid mixture of solder and flux) $25.95
C1044 100 degree solder; tin/lead/bismuth mix for white metal. Has several advantages over the 70 degree solder in that soldering white metal to brass requires no tinning of the latter and it "creeps" into joints better than 70 degree. $16.95
C1020 Red Label Flux; For soldering nickel silver, brass, white metal and pewter (organic base) 50 ml. $12.95
C1024 Green Label Flux; For soldering brass, copper, nickel silver and steel. 50ml. $12.95
C1026 Yellow Label Flux; For soldering brass, nickel silver, white metal and pewter (acid base) 50ml. $12.95
C1032 Grey Label Flux; For soldering Aluminum (No. 179 solder) and Mazak (die cast alloy) 15ml. $22.95
C1028 Orange Label Flux; A non-corrosive flux that is ideal for electrical, track, wiring and any job that is difficult to clean up. 50ml. $12.95

C1030 Brown Label Flux; For soldering stainless steel, piano wire and similar materials. 50ml. $22.95

C1022 Black Label Flux; For soldering steel. 50ml. $15.95
C1016 179 degree no clean solder creme; This solder creme has the same charaistics as the 138 solder creme (below) but has a higher melting tempature. $39.95
C1017 138 degree no clean solder creme;  This material is especially useful for soldering small and thin parts such as sandwiches of thin etches. It is slightly adhesive and holds the parts together. Apply heat and you will have perfect joint that requires little or no cleanup. $59.95
C1052 Neutralizing rinse; Used to remove any acidic traces of flux residue after rinsing so as to leave the surface ready for painting or other treatment. 50 ml. $8.95
C1009 Bitloose; 2ml syringe, silicon heat transfer paste that will prevent small particles from becoming stuck to iron, helps heat transfer $9.95
C1210 Soldering handbook; many soldering techniques explained and a description of all Carr's products and their use. An invaluable reference for anyone who solders or is thinking of soldering. $12.95